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Bumblebee’s Child Minding Service
Belinda MacGilp
Yate, South Gloucestershire
Mobile:  07769 735667


I can provide lunch for your child for an additional £1 per day or you may provide a packed lunch for your child.

I will provide your child with varied and balanced meals and can also provide for special dietary requirements if needed.

Water and milk are available throughout the day and mid-morning and afternoon snacks are included in the cost of the standard child care fees.

Example Lunches
Lunch will be followed by fruit and yoghurt
Sandwiches/Wraps/Pitta with various fillings
(Including cheese salad, chicken and avocado, tuna,
ham, egg mayonnaise, houmous and salad etc.
Pasta salad
Scrambled eggs
(Can be made with cheese, ham, mushroom, onions added)
Toast with
Cheese and grated apple or beans
French toast
Ham/Chicken/tofu/mixed bean salad
Example Snacks
Vegetable sticks and houmous
Malt loaf
Bread sticks/Cheese straws
Savoury muffins
Selection of fruits
Cheese biscuits
Fruit snacks e.g. Hummzingers